Marvel Legends Series X-Men Storm 90s Animated Series

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With her weather manipulation powers Storm can summon lightning across the sky, or gentle rain over a parched land.


Includes: figure, 2 accessories

  • CLASSIC ANIMATED STORM: The classic Storm from X-Men: The Animated Series thunders into Marvel Legends!
  • INSPIRED BY THE X-MEN ANIMATED SERIES: The 6-inch scale 90s animated Storm figure features unique sculpting and deco to recreate the X-Woman’s classic white costume and regal animated presence!
  • ANIMATED ACCESSORIES: The Marvel Legends 90s animation-inspired Storm figure comes with alternate hands wreathed in crackling electrical energy FX!
  • VIDEO CASSETTE-INSPIRED PACKAGING: This Marvel Legends Storm comes in premium collectible packaging inspired by the classic 90s X-Men: The Animated Series video cassette box covers!
  • MARVEL UNIVERSE IN 6-INCH SCALE: Look for more Marvel Legends X-Men action figures inspired by the classic animated series, including Wolverine, Jubilee, and Jean Grey (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability)

                  Ages 4 and up

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