Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Ninja Pink Ranger (Kimberly)

Sale price$39.99


This 6-inch Lightning Collection Ninja Pink Ranger figure features premium paint and decorative details inspired by the show, over 20 points of articulation for high poseability, ninja scarf accessory, power blast effect accessory, and extra heads and pairs of hands for more ways to play or display. Go Go Power Rangers!

Includes: figure, 2 accessories, and extra heads, and extra hands.

  • This Power Rangers Lightning Collection action figure has premium painted details and design inspired by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • This figure features accessories and alternate heads with detailing inspired by the season 3 of the TV series
  • The Kimberly Hart Pink Ranger toy includes ninja scarf accessory, power blast effect accessory, alternate heads, and alternate hands
  • The Power Rangers gain ninja powers when their original Power Coins are destroyed
  • Look for more collectible figures in the Lightning Collection. Each sold separately. Subject to availability.

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