Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Mega Tigerzord 7-Inch Figure

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Perfect for the young ones and shelf collectors alike!

THE POWER OF THE MEGA TIGERZORD: When the White Tigerzord combines with four of theThunderzords it forms the mighty Mega Tigerzord!

Figure contains rotating arms, hands, and head with slight movement allowed in legs.  

Includes: 7" figure and thunderbird accessory.

  • FUN PACKAGING INSPIRED BY VIDEO TAPES: Remember video cassettes? This package evokes the days of recording favorite episodes and watching them over and over after school
  • POWER RANGERS MIGHTY MORPHIN MEGA TIGERZORD TOY: Inspired by the TV show from the 1990s, this Mega Tigerzord Toy has morphinominal design and includes a character-inspired accessory
  • Walmart/Hasbro Pulse Exclusive

Intended for ages 4 and up.

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